2018 Coalition Achievements

The Coalition of Wound Care Manufacturers is the respected and credible unified voice for manufacturers of wound care products and technologies. We advocate and educate private/public payers and the government entities to ensure patient access to wound care products and services. Throughout 2018, the Coalition provided unified wound care input and advocacy on issues impacting coding, coverage and payment. We ensured that regulatory agencies were aware of wound care concerns/recommendations and that members understood the impacts of current policies and emerging policy trends. Several of our accomplishments in 2018 include:

  • Expanded the wound expertise of PDAC/DMEMAC staff and medical directors by co-hosting a full day educational session at Noridian focused on surgical dressing types, uses, and clinical best practice. Value: Educated staff will ultimately drive more clinically-accurate coverage policies and coding verification decisions; Access of members to PDAC staff and DMEMAC medical directors

  • Elevated Coalition concerns with competitive bidding processes and HCPCS coding directly to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC's) executive director via convening an in-person meeting to share unified comments.

  • Submitted comments to CMS and ensured Coalition members were informed of the wound-specific implications of draft, final and emerging policies, via circulation of summaries, fact sheets and other resources. Advocated for fair, rational and clinically/procedurally-sound policies via submission of comments to relevant LCDs and prospective payment system policies.

  • Served as impetus for CMS to update its HCPCS coding process and take steps that the Coalition has long advocated, such as clarifying guidance associated with the application process and advancing a new electronic application process. These and other changes will be put into effect in 2019.

  • Activated PDAC to update its Coding Verification Application. Following years of advocacy and guidance from the Coalition, in summer 2018 the PDAC released a new coding verification application on its website.

  • Alerted Noridian to clarify misinformation on surgical dressing webinar resulting in them quickly sending updated emails to participants.

  • Halted the efforts of an ASTM ballot initiative that threatened the status of the CTP standard we helped put in place in 2015 to accurately define CTP terminology for payer and coverage purposes.

    • Provided access to CMS, DMEMAC and PDAC staff as well as thought leaders and key policy decisionmakers throughout the year, with speakers addressing topics such as “Washington Update,” “Payer Perspectives,” “Changing the Paradigm for Medtech Innovation,” and “Legislative Initiatives Impacting Wound Care.”

  • Served as an active supporter and participant in Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders activities to ensure that the wound care provider clinical expert voice is proactively speaking to the impact of policies on patients and providers (See www.woundcarestakeholders.org).

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