May 16, 2024
The Coalition provided oral testimony at the open public feedback sessions that each Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) held to collect stakeholder input on the proposed LCD "Skin Substitute Grafts/Cellular & Tissue-Based Products for the Treatment of DFU and VLU.”  Coalition testimony urged:
  • consistency in the evidence that is being accepted by the MAC and transparency as to what metrics were utilized to review the evidence,
  • transparency in its criteria for product coverage and requested that the MACs publish what they consider an adequate trial design and outcome to gain coverage,
  • clarity on the time frame and process a manufacturer will need to undertake when submitting evidence for consideration.
The comments below were delivered to: CGS Administrators (5/16/2024); First Coast Service Options (5/23/2024); National Government Services (5/16/2024); Noridian Healthcare Solutions (J-E on 5/16/2024; J-F on 5/16/2024); Novitas Solutions (5/24/2024); Palmetto GBA (5/29/2024) and WPS Insurance Corporation (5/22/2024). 
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